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  1. Do we know how many interview dates they’ve sent out? Has it only been the one?
  2. Have they concluded interviews if they’re already doing waitlist acceptances ? I’m still in the “under consideration” phase. Also, congrats on your acceptance!
  3. I emailed them and they said they'd be in touch in about 1-2 weeks about my application. Not sure what it will entail but I'm guessing not good news
  4. Have anymore interview invites gone out? I got an email a while ago saying I'm still in consideration
  5. I was waitlisted from the 9/10 interview. A little disappointed but I expected it. Hopeful to be pulled off
  6. Anyone know about how many people get accepted per interview group?
  7. Well done! Congrats! When did you receive your “passed the base line review” email?
  8. just got an email that says my application is still under consideration and I will be notified if I am invited for an interview. Is this different than the waitlisted for an interview email that people got?
  9. Welp, I guess I’d consider myself out of the running. I didn’t get any email about being waitlisted or an interview. Win some loose some! Good luck everyone!
  10. Just got an email for an interview 9/10 I’m SHOCKED! Don’t lose hope anyone, I applied in May and just heard back!
  11. I'm sorry to hear that. I think I will shortly be in the same boat. May I ask when you applied? Best of luck with your other applications, a rejection is not as personal as it might feel.
  12. Thats amazing, congratulations! If they count scribe as PCE I have 3,400 if not, I have 2,000. I did well in all my upper level sciences, my freshman year with this professor in BIO1 and BIO2 L really brought me down. I applied 6.14 so im hoping to hear back either way within the next two weeks
  13. Does anyone have any insight to how strict the grade requirements are? For example, I know a grade above a C is required. In my BIO 2 lab I received a C- and in the BIO2 class I got a B. Long story, I had a really bad relationship with my lab professor who was literally out to get me (sounds like an excuse but it was unfortunately true). He always graded very subjectively, even had some kids in our class babysit his daughter (they got As obviously). I often challenged him and so I was not on good grade terms. Needless to say, Im feeling like this is going to affect all my applications and just isn't representative of me
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