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  1. Congrats!! I have my interview on Monday so hopefully I will join you
  2. Hi guys I have my interview for East Falls tomorrow. Does anyone know if we’re supposed to email the program our writing sample and other documents before our interview?
  3. Hi everyone, I just got an interview for Oct 1. However I may have a schedule conflict that I can’t get around. Does anyone know if they only conduct interviews on friday’s and what time/how long the interview is?
  4. no idea, I did send an update of hours to the program earlier this month and they updated my app so i guess they’re still reviewing? i submitted back in june and have heard nothing otherwise
  5. They schedule it for you, so you just have to email that email they link to confirm your interview date and then they’ll send you a confirmation email with the date and time and the zoom link with other documents you need to fill out/go over!
  6. the person actually made a mistake and said that the email was from last cycle! sorry for the misinformation lol!
  7. thank you! someone actually posted on facebook that hofstra sent an email saying their class was filled? Did anyone else get this email
  8. Hi thank you so much!! and of course I forgot to say I applied to both NJ and East Falls programs and they only sent me an invite for East Falls which I put as my preference when I applied.
  9. Hi everyone, did anyone who submitted their supplemental in July not get an interview invite yet? Was wondering if I should email them to make sure they received everything.
  10. Received an interview invite for 10/18 this morning!
  11. Oh okay thank you!! I submitted mine mid July but haven’t heard anything yet im kind of worried
  12. For those that got interviews, when did you complete your supplemental?
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