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  1. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to take it yet because of some technical computer issues. I have to take it at home since we have almost no testing centers nearby. I am going to try to take it virtually next week. But I will have 1,000 hours of patient care by the end of June. I have a pretty solid personal statement with a great editor that is helping me polish it up. I also used to to explain why I have fewer hours (I was in an ambulance crash and unable to work for a long time, hence the shortage in hours). I will look into some newer programs though!
  2. I am currently working on CASPA and was advised to apply to 10-15 school by a new PA. I struggled to get my number to 10 and am wondering if someone can give me some advice based on my stats? My overall GPA is 3.75 and science GPA is 3.60. I have about 800 hours as an EMT. I also was awarded a 4 year academic scholarship to my university, did some volunteering at a hospital when I could, and completed virtual shadowing. I have 4 very solid evaluations. Most of the programs I am applying to are local to my university. I would like to stay in my area but will consider applying to more programs f
  3. So I am working on my CASPA and have run into a wall. I submitted my transcript because that was always the first thing I was told to do. But my semester ends in two weeks and I do not believe I will have my application ready to submit by then. Will I have to reorder my transcripts to send to CASPA? Or should I just update my grades for those courses? Also, what do I do about future courses where I do not know how the course title will look? Is it ok if those are not perfectly matched to an official transcript?
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