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  1. Yet some SERVANT wanna be PAs desire status quo. They must be paid by some NPs or docs to promote their BS agendas so we are held back
  2. Some made millions which most PAs will never even get close to as ASSISTANTS (unlike NPs who can own clinics, including covid clinics that allowed many to make millions this past year)
  3. Dude I bought in Doge when it was less than once cent. I am still up 70x my initial investment still made enough to pay entire student loans or make 20% down-payment lol. I am up 200 percent on bitocin and 300 percent in ethereum and 75 percent on other shkt coins. This volatility doesn't.bothet me since I bought I early. It is always those that jump in late that gets killed Likewise, NPs have started early. We PAs are late to the FPA party. Pharmacists are now moving in. We might end up joining even later then them. We PAs are about to get destroyed. Just watch. Thank you PA leadership
  4. You just don't get it. You only want to believe what you want to believe and not accept reality. NPs are opening clinics and preferentially hiring their own before us. Many of them made millions opening covid swab clinics during the pandemic while we PAs were shut out with no privilege. You and us PAs lost out. Accept it Medimike sounds like one of those old way of thinking PAs that doesn't want the name change or supervision going away. Good for you for being born to ljve with ASSISTANT and SERVANT mentality
  5. All these pleas from experienced PAs requesting for no supervision and better practice environment with improved professional title all seem to fall on deaf ears. NPs are celebrating seeing us fractionated with a poor leadership while they are united under a STRONG leadership
  6. This is becoming more the norm and not the exception PAs cannot do anything except get monthly or biweekly salaries while NPs make a ton running their own clinics. Already witnessed a few DNPs make millions running covid testing clinics. We PAs have no privilege or opportunities like that because we are ASSISTANTS. Any new PA grads reading this yea this sucks but that is reality. Yet some dumb old PAs want to maintain status quo PAs need to quickly find a way to get some supplemental income. In the near future - this is especially for newbies- NPs will get all the higher paying jobs
  7. We PAs live to fight another day... While NPs slowly take over our field. Took away minute clinics and telemedicine from us. Now they get to be like attendings in the VA system, and own clinics in California and act as our bosses Again... we fight to live another day here...
  8. PA colleagues have to have all of their patients seen and addended by the physicians (they essentially act as scribes) How about NP's? No right? We are just glorified MAs or scribes these days while they get to be actual PRACTITIONERS
  9. Well we may end up working for NP owners and bosses in primary care clinics now. They are separating themselves into higher echelon now. We are just glorified MAs now. Oh no!
  10. What is happening to you and other PAs - NPs taking charge of us- is going to be more the norm than the exception
  11. If no nursing is required and just one year online NP writing courses I would definitely switch over also. NPs are going to be independent in California. Think about that. NPs got it so much better they can even open up their own clinics!
  12. I don't want to have to say this but most PAs esp newbies will probably need supplemental incomes going forward if they want to live comfortably. NPs in most states are INDEPENDENT providers while we PAs are just ASSISTANTS that need supervision, so they will likely end up getting higher paying jobs over us and we will getting leftovers
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