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  1. Hi! I apologize if you've already posted the information somewhere. But I'm having trouble finding how to attend the virtual Q&A.
  2. Hey guys! I quit my job as a medical assistant in May because it was toxic. I’ve had a couple of job interviews since then but they want me to reach back out to them once I hear from EVMS, so they know if I can work long term or not. My question is, If I don’t have a job by the time I interview (if I do), will they maybe take off “points” for that? I’ve been volunteering and going to school for EMT in the meantime. What do y’all think?
  3. Yeah I just saw this on their ig, so maybe they’re debating on adding this info to the interview invites? And trying to decide on in person or virtual
  4. Hello! I am looking into the laws and regulations of being a PA and just my main question is about the practice agreement between PAs and SP‘s. How much does the agreement limit PAs?  Also during Covid I know it was an issue that PAs were limited to help Covid patients in some states due to their SP‘s and that they couldn’t go help in emergency medicine if they were working in a specialty like cardiology. But could they have just simply applied to a hospital in their state and worked in both specialties since PAs can moonlight? 
  5. Hi all! Sorry if this question has already been asked. I can’t really find any answers online. But does it cost less for the uninsured to see PAs over DRs.?
  6. Hello! I only applied to EVMS and I heard they send out rejection letters in May. Of course I am not expecting one, but I’m also prepared to. Does anyone know if they send them through mail or is everything by email now?? Thank you!
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