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  1. I had a lot of fun meeting everyone today! Good luck to everyone!!
  2. I haven’t interviewed yet, however mine is this Friday and I got an email yesterday with a schedule and instructions that answered a bunch of these questions. Since you are on Monday I think you will get it soon! Good luck!!
  3. Thank you! Fingers crossed we will be classmates this time next year!
  4. Congratulations!!!!!! Amazing to hear. I’m sure you did incredible. Did they say when we would find out? Wondering if it will be November like last year! Hope you are relaxing a bit now that the interview is over
  5. Good luck!!!!!!! Fingers crossed we are future classmates
  6. I am getting so excited and SO NERVOUS for my interview!! I am on 9/17. How is everyone else feeling?
  7. The open house presentation are amazing!! Allan Platt goes through a detailed presentation about the program and the admissions requirements. Two students are also on. Students answer questions in the chat box throughout the presentation if I remember correctly. The two students introduce themselves and then ask for any questions! Be prepared to be on camera and ask questions out loud at the end if you have any. It’s a lot of fun!!
  8. It was an automated email but any reply was sent to her! Good luck!!
  9. I received confirmation exactly a week after submitting. They said that they would send out application updates in early October.
  10. I was rejected a few weeks ago and got it too. Heart skipped a beat for sure.
  11. Congratulations! How did they notify you? And when did you apply? Best of luck!!!
  12. Hopefully no news is good news and we will be getting interview offers soon!
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