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  1. I believe Meredith is the contact for the Asheville program! Her email is: mhatley@south.edu Anyone heard anything other than their application being under review?
  2. I am in September 17th at 8am too!! So excited and nervous! Kind of wish it was in person though. Good luck!!!
  3. I personally just took that as a recommendation. I didn’t remove it from my document. But probably should have lol!
  4. May 24th! So definitely a little worried lol
  5. I haven’t! I was curious about that too. Was thinking someone must have received an invite if they are starting in two weeks!
  6. You should receive another email now that they have your GRE scores that your application is complete and officially under review. Hope that helps, good luck!!
  7. Hang tight! Sending positive thoughts your way! You’ve got this!!
  8. Thank you! I don’t really want to share my stats if that’s okay. Yes all communication has been via email. Did they reach out saying your app was under review?
  9. I just got my rejection email - good luck to everyone in this application season! Wish you all the very best and hope to be your colleague one day!
  10. I got my interview invite last week too! Really hope we get to be future classmates!
  11. I applied to the Jax campus as well and their supplemental will go out 6/15. I wonder if it will be similar?
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