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  1. Hi Fellow PAs, Not sure if this is the right place for my post. I applied to an Urgent Care job and was told by the owner that I'd get 401K, PTO and CME with hourly rate of $75/hr. He didn't specify if I'd be a W2 or 1099 employee. Then I spoke with the Medical Director, who stated that I've been extended a verbal offer and told me to give 2 weeks notice to my current job, which I only work 1 day a week at. Thank goodness I didn't give my 2 weeks notice to my current job because after 4 days waiting for an offer letter they now say they're concerned since I've never worked solo, but I've been in Emergency Medicine/UC for >6 years. They said they wanted me to shadow the Medical director for 1-2 shifts and then work solo for 4-5 shifts. They're just so sketchy. I really wanted this job so I didn't get the State Medical Board's approval for the Medical Director to be my supervising physician before I worked and saw patients, writing prescriptions. I was going to negotiate after I got an official offer. So I ended up working 1 shadow shift (was told I'd get paid $40/hr) and 1 solo shift (get paid $75/hr). The Medical Director is still hesitant to give me a written offer, but said the owner was confused that since I will be a 1099 independent contractor, I don't get benefits and that the $75/hr is not negotiable. They will pay for malpractice and have a non-compete of 15 miles. He said the $75/hr is the best I can get because I have not worked solo before. At this point I want to say to his face that he can take his offer and shove it where the sun don't shine. But I'm really scared I can lose my license since I practiced without having him as my supervising physician and they could potentially report me to the State Medical Board. I have the forms to send to the State Medical Board for the Medical Director to be my supervising physician and don't know if I should mail them off, even though I don't plan to work for them. I was thinking it may cover me in case anything happens since I worked the solo shift by myself?? Also they haven't paid me for my shadow or solo shifts. Please help with any suggestions. I KNOW I shouldn't have worked without having a the Medical Director as my supervising physician at the clinic. Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Once you left your prison job with the C-M, you won't be covered b/c you left the job and would need tail. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the policy is still active, but only for current employees and not you b/c you left. Everyone please obtain copies of "Certificate of Insured" every year to make sure your name is on the insurance policy. Also you only have a certain amount of time to buy tail coverage after you leave a job, so make sure you do or else you won't be covered for the statue of limitations and can be sued. I wish they emphasized how important malpractice was in school!
  3. Hi Fellow PAs, I have 6+ years of ED and UC experience living in the Metro Atlanta area. Looking for advice on a UC offer that is: 1099 contractor Saturdays only 9-4PM I was told by the owner that at most I'd see 20 patients a day, and could call for someone to help if it was over 20. $60/hr. Was told $50/hr, but since I'd be working Saturdays I'd get $10 extra Paid Malpractice (Was told it would be covered by the owner, Claims and no tail at 1M/3M) Offer letter said Saturdays only at $60/hr with paid Malpractice (no mention of claims or tail or at what amounts) under 1 supervising physician. Said I would get a copy of Certificate of Insured. Before I start the position in July, I can shadow at $50/hr for 4 hrs max for 4 days in June. Stated that I could work extra if I wanted, but didn't say at what hourly rate. No mention of the max number of patients I'd be seeing. I know this is SUPER low salary especially as a contractor, I'd be paying my own taxes. Frankly it's a little insulting since I have 6+ years of experience. I don't have any Peds experience though. I will get in writing the max number of patients I would see a day. What would you suggest I counter offer with? $90-100/hr? Would it be unreasonable to ask for Malpractice with tail, CME or licensing fees? How would you ask for tail? Thanks in advance for any advice
  4. Thanks for your advice!! I really appreciate it!!
  5. Hi All, I got an offer for Plastics Part-time job that would be 2-3 days 8:30-4:30PM in Metro Atlanta. SP seems wonderful and willing to train. Will see patients in clinic (busy day is seeing 25 patients) and train to do first assist. Maybe some call (post-op and ED) is expected, but she made it seem like it was very minimal, 1/10 patients will call post-op and 1 call every 4 months for ED consults. During interview salary was not discussed, nor benefits. She's worked with PAs, before but I'd be the first one she'll hire. She mentioned being salaried, but seemed like she would be amendable to hourly pay. I have 6 years of EM and UC experience, and 5 week plastics rotation almost 9 years ago. I've never worked at a private practice only big hospital systems. Any advice would be appreciated: What is reasonable hourly rate? Job posting said starting salary $43/hr. According to Ziprecruiter national avg for plastics is is $63/hr or $131K and GA is $53/hr or $118K. Does the AAPA Salary Report specifically have plastics salary because it didn't in previous years. Is it better to be salaried or hourly paid? Does part-time get malpractice or benefits? Would I be unreasonable if I asked for CME, PTO, Vacation, reimbursement for licenses, 401K Is it better to sign a contract or not to sign one? What does getting credentialing entail? Just sign papers that hospital gives? Register her as my SP to my state medical board? What red flags should I look out for with a SP that's never hired a PA before? Red flag is that she mostly hires part-time, so I don't think she wants to pay for benefits. I just don't want to be taken advantage of because this is like my dream job. Any suggestions would be welcomed! Thanks in advance!!!
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