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  1. A caveat, I am not a PA but a psych NP. I enjoy autonomy and I am a colleague with the psychiatrists I work with. I am paid just as they are, and we meet weekly to discuss difficult cases and give advice. They value my opinion and I value theirs. We are equals. It's called collaboration. No one advocates for complete autonomy in the sense of working in a silo, but you've illustrated my point in that the physician is making bank and getting 80% of the billing while he sleeps and you break your back to make what, $50-$60 an hour? Independence doesn't mean you disconnect
  2. I just don't see the point in weakening your own position to gain approval from a random organization that has no power over you. The only benefit of a statement affirming physician led care is that they will trot it out against you anytime you go state legislatures asking for more autonomy, stating that your organization itself advocates for physician led care. Not sure why you care what the AOA or other groups think of you? Why suck up?
  3. This is some grade A boot licking. The AOA released a statement attacking another profession for a name change they have no control or say over, and you're posting on here saying that PAs should respond to that by SUCKING UP FURTHER to the DOs with a chip on their shoulder? "We stand united with the AMA and AOA for physician led teams" that's a pathetic way to respond to a profession intent on keeping you down. Learn to fight like a nurse
  4. I don't try to put down other professions to puff up my own, I leave that to the physicians. Hence why I've been nothing but complementary to the PA profession in my posts, which I highly respect. Please don't create strawmen of the "worst case scenario" NP to attack the profession I love and represent. There are Caribbean medical schos as well but we don't use that as the measuring stick for physicians, let's not use the worst schools as the NP example either. I applied to numerous PMHNP programs. None were only 400 clinical hours. I had 320 hours in one class alone. M
  5. I ask again, why does the PA profession care what the hell the physicians think about their name change? It's none of their business. They don't get to police other professions. Physicians can rename themselves Demi-Gods if they'd like (and I'm sure many would love to have a title more befitting of their egos) and while I'm sure the nursing boards would roll their eyes until they could see their frontal lobe, our profession certainly wouldn't try to control their profession's internal policies and procedures.
  6. Maybe instead of having two half days a week for paperwork you can ask and see if they can do one full paperwork day in Fridays and see if you can do it from home and not have to go in.
  7. Oh my. I wonder how they would feel if the MDs released statement clarifying that "physician led team" actually means MD led and that DOs need to step back. Classic example of the previous punching bag teaming up with their bully to find a new target and take the spotlight off of themselves. And as much as they may hate it, physicians have ZERO control over other professions. It astounds me that they think they can choose which states NPs have independent practice, or what name PAs go by. Like, the level of ego you have to have to think you can release a statement criticizing the
  8. Ha, we're both biased! In general, I prefer and respect PA education over NP education. I'm biased when it comes to my colleague PMHNPs. I feel our education prep is more specialized, and in general people going into psych tend to be more driven to do psych. Historically (it's changed some) psych NP programs have been smaller and more selective with really great one on one instruction as we are the smallest subset of NPs (only 4% on NPs are PMHNPs). We get specialized training in therapy, psychopharmacology, etc and do clinical hours in every part of the mental health system. I gra
  9. Is this not common? I have always seen positions posted as "nurse practitioner" and not PA. They aren't the same profession, sometimes an employer wants a specific type. I've also seen a ton of positions that just say PA. Especially in psych, I don't think I have EVER seen a job posting that treats the two as interchangeable.
  10. I read the bill. How does thia change day to day PA practice? It seems a collaborative agreement would still be needed from an MD or is that incorrect? Rooting for PA independence for all of you! No competent medical provider should be under someone else's thumb!
  11. I try to tailor antidepressants to presentation and best guess of which neurotransmitter would be most helpful to supplement. Monotherapy with Wellbutrin XL I usually use only for people presenting with low energy, poor concentration and poor motivation but an absence of traditional depression symptoms such as guilt and low self esteem, etc. I also use it pretty heavily as a first line for adult ADHD symptoms. My preferred SSRI is escitalopram and I find that because it is the most selective for serotonin and doesn't really affect dopamine or norepi much that it combos very well wi
  12. I'm a psych NP. We basically rule the market for psych because we are marketed as psych experts. We have population specific programs, so I am not just an NP but a PMHNP. That means ALL of my classes and clinical hours for 2+ years were focused on psych. All of my professors were practicing in psych. Even my pharmacology course was supplemented by a psychopharmacology course the following semester. Finally our board exam was specific to psych. I think PA training is generally superior to NP training for generalist education and inpatient care, but I think the crown jewel of NP educa
  13. Isn't that super low PTO? You can only take 2 weeks off per year? That sounds like burnout waiting to happen. You'll never be able to take an "extended" vacation unless you take off no other days all year.
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