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  1. Hello PA Forum, I have the opportunity to take a pre-req over the summer at a CC while attending a 4 year university. I think this would be a good idea because it would be the only class I would be taking during this time so I could focus on it and get a high grade. Would PA schools put alot of importance on whether I took it over the summer at a CC or at my 4 year during fall or spring? Enrollment is coming very soon and I do not want to make a bad decision, especially for a pre-req.
  2. So based on your information, do you think this would be a start? Fall 2021: Gen psych, art, a chem class, and statistics? I think psych and art against chem and stats would keep the semester balanced with 2 harder classes and 2 easier classes. I understand that the best judge on what classes would suit me is myself, but I would like your opinion on this schedule in terms of getting requirements done.
  3. Hello PA Forum, I am new to the pre-PA path, and I am a bit overwhelmed by the things that need to get done over the next years. I am finishing up my freshman year and have decided that getting into PA school is my goal. After some research I have come to the understanding that I need to have prerequisite courses completed. However, I am very lost on where to start. Some schools require upper level this and lower level that. I dont want to waste any more time then I already have, given that I have been a CS major for my entire first year, so Im very worried about making the wrong choices
  4. I acknowledge that ultimately it was my own habits that led to that gpa, and have been working extra this semester to outperform that. The reason I wrote this post was to get re-assurance that my chances for PA were not doomed, or to be given a reality-check that I screwed myself over. I know im capable of doing great every semester from here on out, I just dont want this first semester to be my demise.
  5. Hello PA forum. After doing some soul searching, I decided on maybe going for PA school. I am only a 2nd semester freshman. However, due to many circumstances, such as adjusting to online school, and a 1 star professor, my first semester of college was a 2.5. I also was not planning on anything after undergrad so I wasn't totally motivated on acing everything. I am doing my best this semester to make up for that, and getting a 3.75 or 4 this semester is realistic at the moment since Ive bee working extra hard. I am very worried however that all of the hard work that will come in the next
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