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  1. Has anyone heard back for this current application cycle (2021-2022)? I submitted June 26. Good luck everyone!
  2. Around November it seems like from last years posts
  3. Hello, I will be applying to this program soon. Good luck everyone!
  4. Hello everyone, does anyone know if this school has rolling admissions?
  5. Hi, thank you for reaching out. Do you mind posting your timeline of your application process and if you would like to share your stats as well. Thank you
  6. Are these acceptances from the current cycle? Is it too late to apply lmaoo
  7. I found it from a PDF file they had but it was 2011. I will use the one you have provided as it seems to be a more recent find. Thank you so much! And good luck!
  8. Hello everyone, For those who applied to Hofstra, is this the mission statment that the question on CASPA is referring to? "The mission of the Hofstra University Program in Physician Assistant Studies is to educate physician assistants to provide health care with clinical excellence, compassion and dedication to the community."
  9. Do you know if they are also doing virtual interviews this cycle? I do not feel comfortable travelling just yet.
  10. Are the secondary application due on a rolling basis? Also, did you all already take the CASPER test or is there a separate invitation for that provided by the school?
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