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  1. i just took my final, and i know im probably going to fail the class. i feel really discouraged, and I'm not gonna blame it on online school because i know im just not a school person especially for stem. ive been told to change my major since it is biology, and im still a freshman, but i have looked at other majors and career paths and i know if i dont pursue being a pa i will never forgive myself. that being said, im really doubtful in my abilities becuase i dont have any experience and now i have bad grades
  2. its my dream to attend bcm for my pa program and i am a freshman in college, and due to covid and online school, i havent done anything except for doing my biology prereqs and things. i wanna know what i should do/focus on in my next three years of undergrad. all i know is that good grades are a must and that theres not that much of an emphasis on pce/hce
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