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  1. Do it ! Doesn’t hurt to try. wonder if they reached out to some already
  2. Ohhh that’s great!!! Have you heard anything just yet?
  3. Was a Kean student. I’m alumni now. However, I think you should make sure with the director which one you should take so you aren’t taking the course they don’t want. Also I do know when I was in school the courses that had red underneath with those sayings were specific to a major. But if your a bio major just take the bio one.
  4. I heard that too! Director has lots of experience! That being said it’s going to be tough to get in. They are only taking 20. Nail biter.
  5. I think that’s a good thing nothing was heard just yet. I’ve been calling non stop just to find out if it is accredited or not and it has been thank god! A chance to get in to start hopefully. I wonder how many have applied. And when they will start interviewing.
  6. Starting this forum. Wasn’t sure if anyone has applied or heard anything back just yet from this program.
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