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  1. @mgriffiths I would love to do something like three 12's a week, but could only imagine a specialty like that being in something like EM, which I don't think I'd want to stay in for good. Who knows! I appreciate your responses. I understand with time that some of my endeavors may have to be put to the back burner, but I just didn't want to solely focus on medicine to the point that it's all I seem to do, which is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) reasons why I chose PA over MD. Especially once a family is started.
  2. @mgriffiths I appreciate that outlook and hadn't thought of it from that perspective. Thank you. I mostly have other things I'd like to pursue outside of medicine, which comes as a red flag to some, but I know I could handle a good bit. I know some people claim you have to practically be married to medicine to pursue it, but I have some business ventures I'd like to work in alongside being a PA. Aside from working as a PA and starting a family, I'd like to continue to grow my nonprofit, read and write books, do some investing in real estate, and do some things in the tech field. Right now, I'm
  3. I have a question that I'm going to try to make short, to save you a bunch of unnecessary reading. I'd like to eventually become a PA, work full time to pay off all debts, then drop to part time so that I can spend more time traveling, starting a family, reading, etc. I'm sure this is something that's been done a good bit, but I'm curious to the thoughts or inputs from those who have actually done this and what your lifestyle is like, the difficulty (or lack of) in finding a job, and what other thoughts you may want to throw out there. My fiancé is a nurse, so with us both working part ti
  4. Hi, everyone. I'm a non-traditional student, wrapping up my associate's degree in psychology from a small state school (not a community college) in Georgia. This college only offers 3 bachelor degrees, which is why I would finish elsewhere. I was a student at Arizona State Online, but transferred to take my prerequisites and labs in person. All my science prerequisites with in-person labs for PA programs will be done prior to transferring to the next college for my bachelor's degree. Now that I'm almost done, I was originally planning to then finish my degree through ASU, but am now considerin
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