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  1. Just like how the content of @jobsedueu, @jobsedu and @mohammedyusri are somehow related to PA.
  2. Anyone can pursue a career as an athletic trainer! However, there are a handful of requirements that need to be completed prior to entering into clinical practice as an athletic trainer. Successfully complete the curriculum within an accredited Athletic Training Program Earn a degree from an accredited Athletic Training Program Pass the Board of Certification (BOC) Exam – this is the National certification exam that establishes the profession’s health care credential Complete your state’s credentialing process – this is often in the form of licensure or additional certification
  3. Building and following a rehabilitation plan is precisely like planning a road trip. Determining what strengths, limitations, and co-existing conditions all contribute to getting a “lay of the land” when it comes to each case. Completing an extensive assessment allows an Athletic Trainer to appropriately map out their plan for any athlete’s sports injury rehabilitation. Making the decision to complete an initial injury evaluation early can help prevent secondary injuries and potentially shorten one’s recovery time.
  4. Sports injury rehabilitation is a complicated process for both the patient & clinician. A proper progression can lead to the success of the rehabilitation plan. You can read more at this blog.
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