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  1. Cideous, I’m a few months in. I’m starting to realize I need to do this. It’s unfortunate, that despite the appropriate referrals and status that such a thing may happen. Not a great way to look at each patient as a potential liability case. Thank you! I actually will start this list today. Very much appreciated! 

  2. 100% this Briansk!! Actually a multi factorial relation: delay in specialist appt availability, insurance authorization issues, and the patient not realizing the potential complications.

    Now a separate question, how often can I look forward to the system failing me and patients? This isn’t a good feeling knowing I did practice appropriately and still did not get the outcome expected due to other factors outside of my control. 

  3. I am a new grad PA practicing for about 4 months. I work in occ med/urgent care. Without getting into specifics. A patient had and intraarticular finger fracture. I treated/ splinted conservatively and referred the patient stat to a hand specialist on the date of injury, who did not get seen until 2 months after her date of injury, due to WC insurance. The patient was unable to have surgery due to the timing of being seen by the surgeon. The patient will have permanent and stationary deficits and need future medical care for possible joint fusion. The patient is currently undergoing PT. Not only did I do a disservice to the patient as far as ensuring timely care, but the referral department did as well. How do I manage this going further? Obviously try to regain as close to normal function prior to the patients injury. I am learning from this experience when referring, especially with intraarticular fractures. I feel like this is my first error in patient care that has affected the patients condition and has directly impacted the patients quality of life and functionality. How should I proceed? Any recommendations? Not looking for validation nor looking for critique (no more than I am already giving myself). Need suggestions on how to proceed further in my attitude and semi guilt with this case. Thank you in advance. 

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