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  1. I see what you mean, but on my general surgery rotation the PAs would do bariatric, breast, colorectal, general, trauma and vascular surgery. I'm guessing it'll all be learning process, they were all more experienced but they did have a new grad on their team who double scrubbed and such to get the hang of things without slowing down the process. I think they mentioned there will be a total of 18 PAs doing staggered shifts so always someone to learn from in that sense. Plus I'm guessing the surgical techs/ circulating nurses will be a great resource to help with attending preferences
  2. Hi thanks for the reply! Yes I asked in the interview, they said mostly in the operating room, and occasionally shifts in PACU. As for training its going to be at least 3 months with a week or two in different specialties-- learning both in the ambulatory center and main campus. I'm not sure if longterm I'll be rotating through all of these but I know the training will expose me to most or all. I'm a couple months out of school and feel like I already need to brush up on everything because of the combination of a 4 month research semester and 3 months to get credentialed, I already feel sooo f
  3. Hi all, I'm a new grad starting out in ambulatory surgery-- I'm super excited because I love being hands on in the operating room. I was just wondering if any of the Surgical PAs could give some insights about ambulatory surgery? The site I'm going to be working at has 12 surgical subspecialities (list below). From what I gathered through the interview process, I'll be able to get experience in all of them. That being said I'm worried about being prepared and knowledgeable for cases. Anyone have any tips of how to study up, or even get more comfortable once starting? I have a little over
  4. 2021 update, new grad here-- fixed new grad starting salary is $108,000 plus benefits (4 weeks PTO after a year, $1000 CME allowance, etc) per the HR associate I'm working with. I didn't try to negotiate, not sure if that was a mistake but that sounded quite fair especially for a position I'm actually interested in
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