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  1. Thanks a lot. Yes, certainly RBBB, I agree. I'll get working with your other ideas and see if any of this makes sense. I thought of phtn, but it's only obvious at peak effort and recovery. Thus maybe exercise induced, which is not really something that gets diagnosed here. How can you actually see connective tissue dz on ecg? Yes, file mentions pt thinks she might have mild eds, but no dx. note: No, it's not my data or anyone I know. I was looking for a place to discuss these kind of things as I'm training to become a PA. I'm not in the US though and there's no local forum. Please
  2. Ecg after stress test. Near max load the p-wave started to like this, and progressed a bit more into recovery. I'm sure the irregularities are interference from movement. I'm new to this, but this according to the report normal ecg looks a lot different than all I've seen so far. Can anyone explain? Female, 30s, runner with exercise intolerance over past year
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