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  1. Thank you so much for outlining this for me! For my typical day, it seems that there is one supervising physician and one other new grad with me. No other PA's. When I asked about training, they said there wasn't anything, but to just ask questions when I have them. The vibe isn't new grad friendly it seems...
  2. Thank you for your response! I am open to any field. I think after having the interview at the primary care place, it felt like I would be pushed into the job without much on-boarding/training. (I have been out of school for a year). The sup. doc also observed me while I was with his patients and made me feel rushed or while he was showing me the EMR system kept saying “oh I’m behind on patients.” I felt that came off the wrong way. The clinic did seem busy, but then his PA told me that it was one of the better days at the clinic lol....Anyway, later on the phone he seemed like he was fin
  3. I got offered a job at a primary care facility and I have an interview in 2 weeks for Sleep medicine at an ENT facility. When I went for my job interview at the primary care facility, the place seemed a bit disorganized mainly because they are understaffed and 60% spoke Spanish (I know some, but wouldn't call myself fluent). The overall work environment of the facility seems okay (not a lot of space for providers, and It would be me and another new grad PA w/ the supervising physician). The ENT place definitely has a better office from what I researched on the place online. I'm still wai
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