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  1. Thanks for the insight @DizzyJ That is what I am seeing, just curious if PA-C + CAQ-Psyc would give an edge than PMHNP. That way getting the medical content of the PA school plus the psych experience would give the upper hand, I would guess
  2. Thanks unfortunately ca doesnt seem very PA friendly for psych as far as I have researched. By "self study" didn't mean just study by myself but more along the lines of any additional fellowships or other coursework or certificates that I could do to augment the NP curriculum.
  3. PA was my first choice as I would have enjoyed the rigor and the model of the teaching. However, I would like to eventually do Psych so leaning more towards the NP path. I want to know if there is anyway one can self-study some of the PA curriculum. If so, I could somehow get the training that PA school provides with the NP degree. That could be the best of both worlds for me..
  4. Well, life is a marathon not a sprint You are a new mom and that too during these crazy times. Take some time off, I am serious. A year of not working or studying or preparing is not going to make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Visualize yourself working as a 75 or 80 year old because it energizes you and keeps you refreshed (and $$ doesn't hurt either!). I kept myself going for years through a very stressful and demanding tech job after giving birth to my daughter. I felt crappy in my joband my mom role and one day it just crumbled. However, that breakdown was a path t
  5. Thanks for the links, the yale online option looks likes like a good fit for non traditional students. However, after researching a lot on this amazing forum, I have decided to put the PA plan on hold and pursue the rn route for now.
  6. following this discussion very closely as I am a 45 year old woman in IT/computer science field and totally burnt out especially with ageism so rampant. I want to switch to a career where I feel like I am helping humanity directly and I can part-time work till I am 70 at least. The other posters have made excellent points and also based on my research I have decided against PA school for now and am looking at the rn option. MattG77, since you already have the bio degree and therefore the pre-reqs done the rn path is something you could consider. In some programs you could start wor
  7. I am reading many post here about pre-pas applying to multiple schools even as much as 15! all over the country. I am assuming that only works when you are single or at least do not have school age kids. What about people with families? I guess we are restricted to where we live which limits our acceptance. Perhaps, are there any hybrid- distance learning options?
  8. Am a software engineer in mid 40s want to apply to PA school. Finally pursuing my dream to work in healthcare! The title says it all! I wonder if I am hitting a stumbling block as I have a foreign BSc (computer science) - 1996, no GPA given. CASPA does not accept the transcripts, so would I get it evaluated by a third party? I am not sure they can even go back that far as the program has changed. I do have a MS (computer science) from US though, GPA 3.75 I don't have any science courses at all and will be taking them at a local CC. I just hope I don't have to do a second bachelo
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