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  1. Email Prof Jaramillo for the contact information of the FB group
  2. Last I heard Prof. Biscardi said she would send out info on equipment, classes and orientation in early June so probably in the next few days we should hear.
  3. Hey so the interview is with the entire PA committee, don’t remember exactly but it was about 5 people. Pretty much everyone on the Kean PA website.
  4. September 1st is the start date
  5. I interviewed last thursday and got accepted yesterday!!
  6. Hello everyone, Any updates since the 15th?? Anyone else got a call or even rejection letter? I havent heard anything...
  7. Interviewed on the 27th, last update received on 2/2 saying decisions will be sent out soon...
  8. received email on 1/26 saying "advanced to the PA Admissions Committee for formal review." fingers are still crossed
  9. got an interview in two days time, very short notice and I did not want to reschedule and lose the opportunity or the momentum! Good luck everyone
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