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  1. Yes, I received an email today. I heard to maybe check your spam folder?
  2. Wow, that’s soon. Thanks for sharing! Best of luck everyone!
  3. Nothing here. Just a confirmation when I sent acceptance of interview
  4. If someone turns down an invite, do they email someone who they have already rejected? Or do they just interview fewer people?
  5. Nothing here. I made the mistake of assuming that “no later than March 1st” meant that it could be significantly sooner than that. I’ve been driving myself crazy for a month now
  6. I haven’t heard anything in 2 months. There’s only one week left, so it’s got to be soon!
  7. No, I haven’t. Not since the “basic requirements email”. It seems from previous cycles that they start sending out emails 3-4 weeks after admissions close. So should be any day now
  8. By this time in the CASPA cycle have most people already interviewed and possibly accepted spots? How does this affect schools that have deadline in January-March? Are they easier to get into for that reason?
  9. I know the application window just closed a week ago, but has anyone gotten an interview invite yet? Any idea if they will send them out as they go over the next 5 weeks? Or in a batch at the end?
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