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  1. I got an interview today as well... I'm excited! exactly what I needed Hope to meet you all soon , we got this !
  2. I am interested in taking Biochemistry online, thought I have not taken OCHEM, and do not plan on taking it because It took me so much effort to raise my GPA I know Ochem will not help me GPA wise. I have completed all my other PA prereqs and want to strengthen my application. I have read through this forum and searched on Google but haven't had much luck finding an up to date list of schools that offer Biochemistry. I understand Biochem is also a challenging course but I have read a few syllabuses and I am more interested in the material. The schools that I am applying to either do not requir
  3. I haven’t received or heard of anyone receiving anything, hoping for the best though
  4. Thank you! Yes I was verified the next day as well. Best of luck to everyone
  5. For those of you who submitted this month, and had previously been verified to other schools, how long did it take you to be verified for this school? TIA
  6. So I had my interview Nov, really thought it went great, got rejected yesterday This one hurt. Good luck everyone, hope you get an acceptance somewhere, seems like it is getting even more competitive.
  7. I just got an email saying a decision letter is available, I got rejected hadn’t heard anything since I applied til today.
  8. I had an interview in November . Haven’t heard anything since. I think someone replied on this thread that they got in from a Nov interview
  9. Are the 500 volunteer hours required ? Anyone gotten in/interview without having those ? Hard to volunteer when you are low income yourself and have to work to pay off your debt
  10. I had an interview in November but have yet to hear back. I am crossing my fingers and staying positive that not hearing back is not a rejection.
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