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  1. Congratulations!! The wait is killing me hahah, do you mind sharing when you were verified by caspa for Rutgers?
  2. It seems In years past the invites can come a couple days after confirmation or a week after so hopefully we start hearing something soon
  3. Received my confirmation from Rutgers today (6/9)!
  4. Just received my confirmation of receipt as well (6/8)! Hopefully we hear about interviews soon! Good luck everyone
  5. I’m kinda surprised we haven’t heard anything yet. It keeps like based on the passes forums the invites were sent out in May!
  6. Submitted 5/14 and just received my confirmation email today (6/7)!
  7. I’m sorry to hear that but I’m sure everything will work out in your favor with another program!!
  8. Good to know! I’m going to email them tonight and confirm they received mine then because I haven’t heard anything
  9. I’ve only received my confirmation for the supplemental but I applied/ verified the 26th so maybe it’s coming!
  10. Oh okay! I applied May 17th so I’m hoping it’s just going in batches Congratulations on your interview!
  11. Thank you! I’m getting antsy to here a response from them! It seems from previous forums they had already sent out confirmations/ interviews by this time
  12. Has anyone received a confirmation email yet?
  13. I haven’t heard anything from them either
  14. Does anyone know if organic chemistry counts as one of the upper level bio classes? I saw that some classes were listed with (organic chemistry) in parenthesis but I wasn’t sure if the title mattered as long as it was organic chemistry
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