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  1. I agree with you MediMike. I believe salaries should be color- and gender-blind, but I have always worked for employers where all the PAs were paid exactly the same per years of experience, so was unfamiliar with this phrasing.
  2. I'm just curious if anyone has run across this before: I'm looking at a possible new position and the salary range is advertised as "commensurate with qualifications, experience and equity." What does salary "commensurate with equity" mean? Are certain ethnicities now paid more just because they belong to a non-majority group?
  3. I was recently "terminated without cause" from a job I had been at for almost 2 years. In brief, it was due to patient complaints, but not to the degree that they actually terminated me "with" cause (i.e., they did not formally declare any "gross misconduct," "unprofessional behavior", or breach of contract). The HR department told me that they will never discuss the details with any future employer --- they will only release the dates of employment. Despite the vague reasons, I was definitely in agreement with leaving this position as I was not happy there. My questions is this: when
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