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  1. This is what I'm asking. We will have graduated and fulfilled all requirements for completion of the program, but will not be eligible to take the PANCE. Is this legal? The PACKRAT is not meant to be used in this way and states on the PAEA page it should not be used as a grade and can be taken open or closed book, proctored or unproctored.
  2. I think you may have misunderstood so I'll try to add more info! We have already taken the PACKRAT, next is the PANCE, we've been studying all along. As per googled information, a 111 on the packrat equates to a passing score of 350 on the PANCE. What I'm saying is that we are 2 weeks away from graduation and most of us have our PANCE date already set. The PACKRAT was supposed to be an exit exam. Now, because of this year's high PACKRAT average, our school has informed us that until we get within 6 points of 167, they will redact our release to take the PANCE. what I'm asking is if this is legal to do? We will have already graduated and just in a holding pattern to take our PANCE after graduation. Hope I gave a better explanation this time.
  3. So my particular PA school uses the PACKRAT to determine if students are ready to take the PANCE or not at the end of clinical year (this is new and never counted like this before). This year's most recent PACKRAT version national average is apparently a 167, 20 points higher than the last 3 averages on PAEA's website and 40 points higher than last years national average of 128 (according to my PA school). They have informed us that if we do not get within the 2 point standard deviation, they will not allow us to take the PANCE until we reach an adequate grade on the PACKRAT. Can they legally do this? According to PAEA, the PACRAT can be done open book so these scores are skewed and shouldn't count for my class. There is nothing in our program handbook about the PACKRAT being a requirement for graduation. PLEASE HELP!!
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