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  1. I also interviewed in October and was placed on committee hold, but was just accepted today. It was my top choice, so I made my deposit to secure my seat in the class. To all of those on the waitlist, good luck! From past years it sounds like the waitlist can move quickly, so don't lose hope! I would also love to start a group chat for those that accepted their seat!
  2. Students are required to do their rotations in different parts of the country. During the interview it was mentioned that you might have 2 out of 9 rotations in the state of Oregon. Therefore, 7 of your rotations have to be in other states. There is the opportunity to do 1 clinical rotation abroad, but going abroad is optional. They try to place you where you have support, such as family or friends that you could live with during those 6 or 12 weeks of your rotation. For example, if you have family in California you can mention that to the clinical rotation coordinator and she will try and find an option for you in California. Although, it is not guaranteed. I hope that answered your question.
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