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  1. Current student and NHSC scholar at the University of South Alabama. I have nothing but GREAT things to say about the program. The faculty is wonderful. This is a rigorous program. It is not easy, just like any other PA program. Don’t let the frustrations of one former disgruntled student sway you from this program. You will be provided with ample opportunities and everything you need to become a competent provider. Best of luck to all of you in your interviews!!!
  2. 10 over a 1 hour duration. I might overload my laptop
  3. Even though this post is from several years ago, I thought I should share on my experience. I was accepted to PA school and I start in less than a week. For my personal statement, I included my story of addiction and recovery (former meth addict - 5 years clean). I was able to explain my misdoings during my early undergrad career, and more importantly I was able to tell how my experience had matured me and lead me to pursuing a career as a PA. I was fortunate that a school decided to look at the man I had become rather than the immature boy I was during my addiction. My addiction had lead to legal and academic repercussions that had been resolved, but needed to be explained. Just wanted to post this for anybody out there who is afraid that their past will prevent them from pursuing a career as a PA or any healthcare-related profession. Honesty is always best. We do recover!
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