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  1. No, not yet. I applied in July and never heard anything from them. I emailed them end of January and they said that interviews will be conducted through February and that applications are being actively reviewed. February is coming to an end soon so I wonder when we will find out something
  2. How do you know if you have been placed on this list?
  3. i applied in july and hadn't heard anything back so i emailed and the lady that replied back told me that they are still reviewing applications and that they will be interviewing into February
  4. does anyone know how many more interview rounds there will be? i just emailed today because i haven't heard anything since i applied and i got a response saying that they are still actively reviewing applications and that i will be informed once a decision has been made
  5. i applied in july and haven't heard anything since. does anyone know if interviews are going to be conducted till February?
  6. oh wow okay, thank you for that information!
  7. that's when i applied as well and haven't heard anything since. do you know how many more interview rounds there will be? getting so stressed
  8. I've been wondering about this too. I haven't heard anything back . Does anyone know when is the latest that we could hear back by?
  9. if we haven't already heard back, do you think we will hear back by mid January? this wait is stressing me out
  10. does anyone know how many more interview rounds will be taking place?
  11. This was before an interview. I haven't gotten an invite yet i haven't heard anything from them since besides the couple emails that i sent them regarding updating my PCE on CASPA
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