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  1. Has anyone asked about their specific rank on the waitlist? Seems strange that they wouldn’t send that out with your initial admission status email.
  2. I submitted on December 8th and haven’t heard back either.
  3. Is anyone still waiting to get confirmation after sending in the signed letter, background check, and deposit? I'm assuming they got them, but I would hate if something fell through the cracks....
  4. Hey all! Sorry for all those that are still waiting, I know the unknown is a merciless beast. I was accepted a couple of months ago but was just accepted to a program closer to home, so I will be emailing Marsha in the next couple of days (when I get confirmation on my deposit, etc.) to turn down my spot and I hope one of the people that have been posting here gets it! I'm guessing there will be a lot of shuffling around the holidays and into the new year as people that have been accepted to other programs finally turn down offers. Hoping for the best for all of you!
  5. I'm a little late to the party but I was accepted to St. George! Looking forward to meeting you all. If there is a FB or group chat put together at any point, please let me know!
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