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  1. Downloaded the Experian app and it let me know my credit was checked yesterday! Didn't see anything on credit karma
  2. yes! It was weird but my third year says July to September.
  3. I am in a similar situation, my program is 24 months as well. I believe that the tuition should be covered since courses begin before the end of coverage. The stipend will be cut off for that last month. My disparity is 3 months and I elected for two years of coverage.
  4. No, a C- is deemed insufficient.
  5. Pretty optimistic this cycle. Received an email saying that they received an additional 800 million in funding. I submitted my application today as well. Good luck!
  6. yeah i was just on too, they told me i'd have to request 3 years for additional support for the last 3 months. Im wondering if the tuition would be covered technically and I could just pay for living expenses out of pocket?
  7. My Program begins in September and lasts 24 months. Since NHSC only allows the entered years to begin and end in the Summer, do I have to request three years of aid to be covered during the last few months of the second year?
  8. Got the acceptance call this morning! Extremely excited. Would also like to know of any groupme or facebook pages!
  9. just received a waitlist email this morning as well.
  10. Are schools with start date of October 1st deemed ineligible? Or are they lenient with the class start deadline?
  11. I am also planning to apply. Would like to know of more information regarding this upcoming cycle.
  12. Hi!, I interview next week. What kind of questions did they ask?
  13. Looking for an orgo 2 course that is 100% online and includes a lab. Need done by June 1st. If you know of any, please help me out!
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