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  1. Hey everyone! I was recently accepted off the waitlist and was wondering if there was a GroupMe already started so I can get to know other people in the class! thanks
  2. Hi everyone, super late to this but I just got my acceptance this morning! If there's already a group chat for those who have accepted I would love to join. Also I am an out of state student so now need to plan on moving and finding a place to live. If anyone has any suggestions let me know!
  3. From what I understood from some previous posts on here some people were initially put on the waitlist and then got offers. Not 100% sure or if they’re doing things differently now since it’s later in the year.
  4. I wonder though since it sounds like some people have already been pulled off the wait list if they’re still doing that or no? So maybe hopefully it can be sooner
  5. I was placed as an alternate like 2-3 weeks ago. Hoping that it’s not too long and I hear back soon!
  6. Hey everyone! I recently got placed as an alternate and am just curious for those who have been here and later got accepted how long did it take to find out and what other info did DMU send you?
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