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  1. submitted 5/19, verified by Drexel on 5/21! good luck to you all
  2. omg amazing! congrats. what are your stats? I just applied in mid may. hope thats early enough.
  3. Best of luck to you as well!:) What are your stats??
  4. Hey! thats awesome. do you have any advice for someone who is applying this cycle and that school is my top? what were your stats? tips? etc? thank you:)
  5. hi guys congrats! what were ur stats if u dont mind sharing???
  6. congrats to you! do you mind sharing your stats???
  7. omg I hope you get in!!! rooting for you. if you have any advice before I apply I would appreciate it
  8. omg congrats! can u plz share ur stats? it is my top school and im applying this cycle
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