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  1. Usually "strongly recommended" is academic-speak for "soft requirement," meaning that it is possible to get accepted without it but that is for very extreme applicants.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Dizzy. To be honest, I didn't even think about working PRN while in PA school (of course I would have to go to PA school in an AA state in order to do that). I know at my program that working is basically not allowed (or at the very least heavily discouraged). Wouldn't that be the same for PA programs? Honestly school is so busy that I don't see where I would fit any work without affecting my study time.
  3. I am currently an SAA in my first year of AA school. I have an interest in also being a PA. There are different reasons why I would like to become certified as both a PA and an AA (dual certification is required to work as an AA in Kentucky, for example). Also one of the things that attracts me the most to the PA profession is the lateral mobility. I have a broad interest in medicine, including general medicine and working in the OR. Unfortunately, PAs cannot perform operative anesthesia because it is not a PA specialty. So I have to be an AA in order to be able to be an anesthesia provider.
  4. I know this topic is a bit old, but I have looked into it as well. I recommend checking out sites for people talking about getting a government clearance. See their advice. I think you should be fine, though. The point is they don't want people who are deep in debt and will take bribes from hostile foreign actors, since you have a security clearance. No credit means you are clean of any incentives... Good luck with the NHSC scholarship!
  5. I co-signed a car for a family member some years ago and long story short it ended up being repossessed (like 3 years ago) because they could not keep making the payments. I ended up subsequently filing for a chapter 13 bankruptcy and have been paying on it for about a year now. I was offered a seat at a program and applied for Grad PLUS. To my shock, I was approved on the spot without even having to appeal. I checked my Equifax prior to the application and both the repo and the chapter 13 was on the credit report (the repo account was listed in the chapter 13). My question is, assumin
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