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  1. I took the PA-CAT this cycle for another school and it wasn’t bad! The questions were straight forward & Exam Master provides you with a course to prepare you for the exam.
  2. You can still give up your seat even if you’ve placed your deposit! Oftentimes people who are accepted will place their deposit to hold their seat, but will give it up because they’ve been accepted off the waitlist elsewhere which may be their preferred choice. I believe you have until matriculation to be accepted off the waitlist. Don’t lose hope! I was in the same boat and was accepted off the waitlist for my first choice & ended up giving up my seat at a school I placed a deposit at so another student off the waitlist could have my seat. I am also waitlisted for University of
  3. The waitlist has moved up once since it was released on Friday!
  4. I am not a veteran and interviewed, but I was waitlisted!
  5. Just got accepted off the waitlist!! I'm so excited to meet everyone!
  6. I read on last year’s forum that #21 made it by a thread, but of course every year is different
  7. That’s awesome!!! Congrats! did anyone else hear back? I thought we weren’t supposed to hear back until the 10th?
  8. Just got waitlisted congrats to those accepted! Hoping to join you all soon
  9. Still waiting to hear back . For those accepted, did you interview on 1/7 or 1/8?
  10. Nothing for me yet either... the anxiety is killing me!
  11. I heard some students from the cohort last year heard back in 3 days so hopefully soon...
  12. The group session in the morning is just a Q&A with you and some current students! No staff or faculty will be present. It's just an opportunity for to ask any questions you may have about the school/program.
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