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  1. Biochem was a ton of information in 8 weeks. I like immersing in the material though. I got through it with 2 kids and a busy schedule. I spent lots of weekends and nights working in addition to when the kids were at school. The final exam was timed, and I used every minute of the 3 hrs. Doane is switching to proctored finals effective this term, FYI.
  2. This is so helpful, thank you! I did take organic chemistry 1 but that was in 2004! So it had been a really long time since I’ve taken any upper level chemistry. I will say the first week was difficult. For every definition I had to look up three or four other words just to understand the definition. I did get an A in the class and I spent at least 20 hours to 30 hours a week on the material until I got in the groove of studying again. Having said that, I don’t think there’s too much organic in it for you. For example they do discuss cis and Trans bonds but you don’t have to draw any compou
  3. I am finishing up an 8 week session of Medical Terminology and Biochemistry with Doane online this week. I will start another 8 week session in January that will consist of BIOX 355 (Human anatomy) and BIOX 356 (Human Physiology). Has anyone taken these 2 classes at the same time (not to be confused with A&P I or II)? I'm wondering if it will be much more difficult than the current 8 week session with Biochem. The professors are Eggert and McMillin for the next 2 classes. I'm hoping I'm not the only one crazy enough to do both full classes in 8 weeks. Tell me it's doable!
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