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  1. Hi I was wondering if there were any current students who I could talk to? Thanks!
  2. Anyone hear back yet? I feel like it’s been a while
  3. Did anyone hear back yet from the August 12 interview?
  4. Did anyone else supplemental look like this when they first submitted it? I already submitted my caspa a while ago..
  5. Anyone know when we should be hearing back from them with interview invitations?
  6. Applied a month ago.. still haven't received the supplemental application what should I do?
  7. How long has it been in-between submitting your application and receiving an interview invite?
  8. For the part where it says to fill out our PA related clinical experiences are you guys writing the same thing as you did on the caspa application? And are you including shadowing or work you did with a doctor not a PA?
  9. Did everyone get a writing assignment that they had to do through Marist before the interview?
  10. What is the lowest GRE score that has gotten accepted here?
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