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  1. Dwarf giraffe, hamsters lol I am glad I asked about the letter, this has been some of the best replies I've ever seen. I may just write the letter to get my name out there as I worry I may miss out on some ridiculous requests and visits. Not that I don't already have a schedule half full of that anyway.
  2. LOL this is definitely a reply from a seasoned provider. Read it earlier and have been cracking up about it all afternoon. So much truth in this its sad. I'm in Vernal and word spreads quickly, I'll be doing letters all day. I will just defer because I am sure you are right. And truth be told it isnt someone I felt needed it anyway. I was just hoping to use some law that says I can't, but I'll just have to be the law in this case. Thanks
  3. Thats true, I guess I was more or less looking for restrictions to write it so I dont have to deal with it. Sounds bad but you know how these letters can be, I can just say no. Was just wondering if there were specifics to back me up a little.
  4. Hello, I am a family practice PA, and I cannot find anywhere at all stating whether or not I can write a letter for an emotional support animal. I know DO, MD practicing family medicine can and doesn't need to specifically be specialized in psychiatry etc can write one, so would that apply to us as PAs as well. Thank you. Cameron Hardy PA-C
  5. I reviewed the salary report this year when it was free through AAPA and felt a bit of a kick in the gut. Granted this is more of a rural area and a private practice, but it doesnt qualify for loan repayment with NHSC, so it's not that small. I am in Eastern, Utah near the Colorado border. I think the way they feel the production bonus should be calculated, so I should likely just ask for a base salary increase. Thank you.
  6. Thank you I will look into this. I have offered health insurance but went with my own as it wasnt a good group deal, CME is $1000, Time off is 1 week for CME.
  7. Hello, I am looking for some advice. I have been with the same clinic since I graduated. I have left a few times seeking better pay and loan repayment but have returned twice. It is a privately owned practice with one physician (Family Medicine) but now he shares an Urgent Care practice with 2 other PAs. My question is this. I currently am salary-based pay at $90k. My quarterly pay is based on income and expense and 20% of whatever is left, but the shared rent, supplies, MA pay etc (although not always 50/50) still seems to always gouge me to a point that I rarely ever get any sort of bonus. What kind of contracts, compensation or production bonuses to some of you have setup and how has it worked. I am renegotiating at the first of the year and I don't know how to suggest a better system besides direct percentage based pay of from each visit. Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Cam
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