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  1. Yes AT Still University Physician Assistant Program
  2. Hi, thank you for your reply do you know if you had to provide an official or a personal email address to CASPA for the 4 healthcare providers and 1 manager? Do the PA admission see what email address was provided to CASPA for the recommender? Do they really care if the email address of the evaluator like a science professor or manager has to be official email like .edu or company specific domain one? Had admission called your evaluators about the letters? you can email me on the private message if you don't mind Thank you
  3. Hi, has anyone got interviews from the AT Still University for PA program? Did anyone apply without letter of recommendation from employer and health care professional like PA or nurse or MD and still got interview and/or accepted? It is mentioned on their website the following: Applicants are required to submit three letters of recommendation from professionals: Please refer to the CASPA application instructions for specific guidelines and requirements for submitting letters of recommendation. Employer or supervisor Health Care Practitioner (Physician, Physici
  4. Hi Shannon, Congrat on your acceptance! can I ask you what your stats were? GPA, experiences, GRE (if taken), everything else? I have overall GPA 3.39, experiences ~ 2700 hrs, shadowing over 100 hrs, volunteers ~ 100 hrs. is there a hope to get into the program? Again, thank you
  5. Hi, could you share with us what they asked you during the interview? What was the interview like?
  6. Hello, has anyone applied to the Utah Valley University for a physician assistant program and were asked to verify their PCE or HCE. Did they call the places you volunteered or worked at? Please help with this
  7. Hello all, I am applying this cycle 2021-2022 for PA program via CASPA application. I want someone to explain to me if volunteered healthcare experience or direct patient care experience are acceptable the same way if you were paid to do them? Do PA program or schools prefer paid experience over non-paid experience? Are the HCE or direct patient care more important and scored better by PA program than a teaching experience? Do PA program or schools have access to your employment history? Can they know where you've worked and what type of work you have done via background c
  8. Hi Becky, thank you for your reply when during the pandemic (month) you shadowed the PA? Thank you
  9. Hi, for those who have shadowed a PA, what did you do there? What was your responsibilities there? What were you asked to do by the PA or MD during when shadowing? is it easier to get to shadow hospital PA's instead of private offices PA? Thanks
  10. Hello all, for those of you who got interview and accepted to ATstill, did they request verification of you patientcare experience hours or HCE hours? Like fill out a form by your supervisor and have the form signed? Thank you for your time!
  11. Hello All, for those of you who got accepted into Midwestern University Physician Assistant Program, did the program asked for verification of your patient care experience & Healthcare hours? Did they ask that you bring a letter from a supervisor that shows you've completed those hours? I appreciated all you and please share your experience if you know something. Thank you
  12. Hello Everyone, I need an advice about how to report graduate course work on CASPA application. I attended professional program for two years and decided to withdraw. I failed 3 classes during second year and I had to retake them and passed them. The school I attended does not have GPA or gives traditional grading. All they record on transcript is S or H. Now, can I just not tell CASPA on the application about the graduate course work or they will know about it? How does CASPA verify applicant course work if not reported on CASPA application? If I know CASPA won't know about it
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