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  1. I'm not. I don't live in the area, plus I don't know if I've even been accepted. There were people on the west coast interviewing. I don't think they expect those people to fly in just to walk around for 20 minutes at a school they might not even get accepted to. I think it's just a make up tour since the interview was online. Most programs seem to do it day of with in-person interviews. I wouldn't worry about it. I don't think it'll weigh on their decision at all. I think the faculty has more important things to do than head count the tour, take notes on what you're wearing, etc, and then factor that into the pool of data.
  2. Can't really speak on my interview exactly, but I will say to people with interviews coming up, USA has to be one of the nicest schools I've ever interacted with. Really friendly and open. The vibe front start to finish was comfortable and calm. Felt more like a conversation than an interrogation. I'm not the best with interviews, and nerve level was low after opening remarks from faculty/staff. I know you hear "don't be nervous" from everyone, and that's like saying don't be scared before you go skydiving. However, I will say don't stress yourself too much leading up to the interview thinking you're going to get interrogated. Just be ready to have a conversation and be yourself.
  3. Just got the email that all seats have been offered out, no further interviews. Kind of figured that was the case. Applied last minute, so was expecting this. Think interviews were already scheduled or completed by the time my application went through.
  4. I am. For the morning log-in welcome session, is that a live interaction, or just a video?
  5. Haven't heard a thing. I was a pretty late submission, so likely it's a "Let's see who makes it from the first two groups before we interview a bunch more people" type thing. I'm not holding my breath.
  6. As far as the NG PA stuff goes, it's a slim margin. If you think AD group PA slots are hard to come by not being prior 18-series, NG is far worse. People hang around for a long time, and there aren't as many NG SF slots as there are AD ones. So even if you were the most qualified person, it is still a matter of there being a slot available. Most are filled by an old 18 series guy who isn't exactly rushing to advance out. The "as a NG PA I could lead a SF unit" part is just not true. That was a bad source. A PA will do just that, be a PA. The unit has a commander, and the teams have their 18A. The PA would not be a part of the A-teams. Especially if they weren't long tabbed. You could become a PA, then apply to NG SF as enlisted. Go through the x-ray pipeline, and become an 18D if you want to be on a team. Then apply to transition to officer when the current PA starts talking about ETS or moving. This is probably the most full proof way of landing the Group PA slot at your nearest NG SF unit if you aren't already tabbed.
  7. What kind of interview style was it? Panel, MMI, etc....
  8. I got one as well. Not really sure if that's a nice way of saying, "You're low on our list, so we're waiting to see how our first round of interviews go" or if they're just really backed up/short staffed, and still sorting applications.
  9. Anyone heard anything? Other schools with same deadline date rolling out interview invites, and not much activity going on here.
  10. Sorry for the late reply. I did the same, but I'd imagine both would work.
  11. Received an interview invite as well. It says to confirm by email. Did you all just reply to the email?
  12. Deadline just closed, so I'm sure they are still making lists for interview invites. Think the email they sent out said interviews will be done from October to December.
  13. I talked with them a few days ago. Seems like they are still willing to help with application questions, so likely still thumbing through applications up to deadline to start sending out interview invites. If you have your application in and haven't heard anything, I wouldn't worry too much. Probably start seeing mass interview invite emails late October.
  14. Thanks. I probably wasn't verified until around your invite time, or a little sooner. Not sure how they are going through applications. Wonder if it's just as they come in, or they do batches and then send out interview invites in batches?
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