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  1. Yes the link was sent from Brittany in the deposit received email.
  2. Definitely recommend a mock interview with Wes and Melissa. 100% helped calm my nerves and help with my flow of words for each question. You can email Brittany and she can send it to one of them and they will be in contact.
  3. Thank you, Campbell was always my top choice. The facilities they have are top notch. They offer community clinic and a mobile clinic. The faculty are so wholesome and welcoming. I don’t have any experience with High Point or ECU but I do know if you are looking for a supportive atmosphere then Campbell can definitely provide that.
  4. Thank you so much! It’s scheduled for September 9th
  5. I just received an interview invitation this morning! Good luck everyone!
  6. I thought UNC wasn’t rolling admissions
  7. I attended virtual fair a few weeks back and I believe they are doing a mix of virtual and in person.
  8. Submitted CASPA and supplemental! Good luck everyone!
  9. Hey! Thank you for starting! Submitted 5/17 Verified 5/18 Good luck everyone!
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