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  1. Hello! I am hoping to get some advice. I have been a PA for 8 years with a background in internal medicine and surgery. I would like to transition into a non-clinical role like medical science liaison. I love what I do and will likely always work in a clinical area at least part time but would love to explore other career options. I am wondering for a role like this if it would be more beneficial to get my MBA or Doctorate degree? I have applied and gotten into programs in both and am having the hard time making the choice. Any input would be appreciated!
  2. I know there is quite a bit of talk about PA jobs being harder to find lately. I have a job that I love but my hospital did lay off quite a few PAs in our first round of COVID so I want to be prepared for that possibility. I am looking for ways to make myself more marketable as a PA or to give myself a bit of an edge on the job market. I’d love to do a residency but right now I can’t leave my family for a year and make half of my salary to do so (my husband had to shut down his business due to COVID). I have 4 years internal medicine experience and 2 in surgery. I’ve hear
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