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  1. Interviewed on Jan 14th and got the call of acceptance at 6pm yesterday (02/04) and I still cannot believe that happened!!! Super stoked for this opportunity! Best of luck to everyone interviewing today and those that are still waiting!
  2. I did! Submitted my CASPA on August 3rd and sent in my supplemental app a week after that and got interview invite 3 weeks ago for Jan 14th!
  3. Interviewed on 12/2 and got the call of acceptance today! I’m beyond grateful!! Good luck to everyone!!
  4. Applied around August 2nd, verified the next day. Given that they are rolling admission, probably too late for me huh? Haven't received anything besides confirmation email.
  5. Also got an invitation to interview on 1/14!! SO EXCITED, but nervous! Is it really a blind interview?
  6. Hey everyone! So I applied August 3rd (I know, pretty late), was verified in like a day, but I haven't even received anything from them, not even a confirmation email that they've received my app. That means I haven't gotten anything in regards to the supplemental as well, but seems like those have been going out to a lot of people already. Do I even have a chance still? Should I try to contact the school? I'm so lost on this
  7. There has already been a waitlist? Would anyone be willing to clarify why the program is still interviewing if they are already putting people on the waitlist? TIA!
  8. Hi everyone! Would anyone that interviewed already with CWRU be willing to share their interview style? My interview day is December 2nd and I am so nervous with only 2 weeks to prep. Thank you in advance!
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