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  1. Congratulations!! Did they call? Are the interviews on zoom or through the phone? So exciting!! One step closer!
  2. I’m probably not much help. I used my college English class and another writing literature class for those prerequisites. If you sign up for an info sessions you could likely get clarification on it.
  3. Has anyone waitlisted received anything from Medex? I figured we would get an email to tell us to reapply next cycle. I’m sure all of us are already doing that.
  4. Hi! I was thinking the same thing today! So glad you pulled the trigger! I’m Angie. Waitlisted for tacoma campus. This will be my second time applying.
  5. Was there word on if they will take anymore of the waitlist for tacoma?
  6. Thanks for the update! Anticipating mine as well.... See you next cycle!
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