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  1. Hi!! I don't believe there is a supplemental fee, as there wasn't one last cycle. Also, my microbiology class was separated into two as well: lecture and lab. On CASPA you can select both for the one prereq and they will both show up under the requirement
  2. I have been waiting for someone to say something lol I am wondering the same thing.
  3. I looked at their prospective student website page and alternate list is their waitlist
  4. same they worded it to where it seemed like I had been accepted lol but not quite sadly
  5. interviewed November 19 and haven’t heard a thing. they said not to worry because 90% find out in March but now I’m stressing
  6. I had my interview Nov 19 and it was two people and myself. I had a faculty member and a recent graduate from the program interview me. It might be different for everyone though because on Zoom they put everyone into breakout rooms!
  7. Yes I just signed in and clicked the 2021 application, then it went to status page and had an option to upload supplemental material. This is what my page looks like for reference
  8. I did this before my interview by going to my WesternU account that I made when choosing my interview date. If you go to the status page you are able to upload materials.
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