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  1. @allyb43 @ashleys21 Just received my acceptance email!!! Im SO excited! Is there a facebook page or anywhere we can meet each other before the program starts???
  2. @ashleys21 I think it went well. Have you heard anything yet?
  3. @allyb43thank you! Hopefully we will be classmates!!
  4. @ashleys21 How did your interview go? At the end of mine they told me they have a deadline of May to get back to us on a decision. But most people say they heard back within two weeks. I’m worried as to why they told me this then
  5. @allyb43 Awesome, congrats! Will you be accepting it? I interviewed this morning, I’m so nervous. I’m wondering how soon I will hear back from them.
  6. @allyb43 have you heard back from them yet?
  7. Congrats as well! Keep in touch and good luck! This is my first interview so I’m pretty nervous
  8. Hi everyone! I received an interview invite on Monday for the 18th of feb! I’m so excited? Has anyone else interviewed yet?
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