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  1. Hi all. I'm a new PA student finishing up my first semester, and it's been a rough one. Between COVID and some personal struggles, I had a bad semester grades wise and ended up with one A, 5 B's, and a C in anatomy. In my program, that's almost failing (anything below an 80, only get one C the whole program), and I'll be on academic probation next semester. I've thought for a long time that I wanted to pursue an EM residency after school as I have a background as an ER tech and loved that setting. Now I'm worried that I've wrecked my GPA and won't be able to get it up to apply for residencies after graduation. Any advice/tips/reassurance would be great!
  2. Thanks for your input! Glad to see you've been accepted. I'm working on this for a project with my program.
  3. For pre-PA's who have applied, are actively working toward applying, or recently been accepted..... what are issue/struggles you faced regarding applying to PA schools outside of academic mistakes? This can be anything (not related to your personal GPA/academics). Some examples are lack of quality PCE options, disadvantaged location for PCE opportunities, challenges securing shadowing positions, socioeconomic struggles. List anything you've found that made your journey to becoming a PA student more difficult!
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