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  1. 3.6 science GPA, average GRE score all around, over 6000+ hrs of hands on clinical experience since I was a working full time as an MA for some years now, and 2 years of volunteering at one place so that gave me a lot of volunteer hours
  2. Officially accepted!!! YAY!! But I thought they would be sending us the fee instructions to reserve our seat with the official letter of acceptance? So i'm guessing this will be sent separately?? I don't want to miss the deadline! :( Anyways can't wait to meet all my future classmates!!! Hang in there everyone!
  3. So does conditionally accepted mean, "only accepted if you got a legit Bacc. degree, actually took the GRE, and got an average GPA of 3.0" ? I thought they checked that before we got our interviews..... I'm a little confused and don't want to get too excited if it means I'm not technically accepted... help :(
  4. CONGRATS!!!!!!! So very happy for you!!! Great meeting you, hope our paths cross again
  5. Okay so who interviewed yesterday and is freaking out overthinking everything they said in the interview!? cause i sure am!!!! Any one hear anything yet??? I am so nervous! This is my dream school and program :((((((
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