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  1. Anyone giving up your spot happen to be in one of the veteran slots they mentioned during the interview?
  2. Received an acceptance email for the PAEP this morning, interviewed back on 2/10/21.
  3. Congrats to those accepted! Has anyone heard when final decisions are to be made? Interviewed in Nov and haven't heard anything since. I seem to recall them saying after the new year, but March is coming up fast .
  4. Do yall know if the interviews held on 1/26 were specifically for the Laredo campus?
  5. I'm in a similar position with the PAEP interview in February. I also received the email for the alternate list the next day. I inquired if acceptance into the PAEP would be a direct pipeline into the class of 2024 (assuming successful completion of the two year didactic period). They confirmed yes (it would not require a reapplication). I also asked if accepted into the PAEP would that remove me from the alternate list for the traditional MPAS, class of 2023, cohort admission. They confirmed it would not remove me from the alternate list. So the way I see it, the PAEP would be a good alt
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