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  1. Hey friends I dont know if there is still a waitlist for this program, But i just withdrew my seat! I hope this opens up a spot for anyone with their eyes still on CWRU! Great program, prestige, and faculty. Very grateful to be accepted/had a hard time deciding but I just found something that might be a better fit for me. Good LUCK
  2. They did not! But I believe I was in the first group of folks to get the SparkHire interview/and shortly after got the interview invite. I interviewed at the end of November ~11/27, and was accepted on 12/2. I can't speak to how many interviews they've had, but for context they did mention the school's process started a little bit later than others (initial interviews in November versus September). I think this is because they got a lott of apps this cycle, Hope that helps, good luck girlie!
  3. Hey just wanted to say a month or so ago I gave up my seat/acceptance, in favor of a program closer to me! But Penn State is really so cool (the program is actually super competitive), the faculty are all wonderful and the students I met seem very close-knit and determined. I liked the format of taking some group quizzes together, to learn in a team-based format. And also, anatomy/cadavers/simulation labs remained accessible in person during the pandemic. Just some fun facts about this program being cool for folks who haven't had the op to interview yet/deciding between offers. I thought the i
  4. I just wanted to put out there that RFUMS announced in-person anatomy labs/cadaver labs twice weekly. I know thats been a huge deciding factor for me in this process, so hopefully that helps someone out there deciding between choices. good luck everyone, really happy about starting with this program soon!
  5. anyone else in the crew thats on the "waitlist to interview", kinda assuming it was a soft no? From this thread I haven't seen anyone get an Interview from that group. I also have not seen any posts about rejections from this group. I am net happy with how this cycle turned out, so not devastated or anything, but just hoping to get out of limbo and get a real definite update soon. good luck everyone!!
  6. Hey! I interviewed on 9/24 and actually received a phone call that same day! I don't want that to worry you though, I met someone really cool that interviewed on my date and got an acceptance like 6 days ago!!!! I also wanna mention that my gpa stats are average, so I'm not some wonder kid haha aka GOOD LUCK U GOT THIS.
  7. I submitted 6/20 ish and got the welcome email 7/10, also still waiting. I was really excited about Rush and hope they reach out soon. 4 months of resisting the urge to email and ask about the status of my app haha.
  8. I've interviewed at a couple programs after my Case acceptance and it keeps solidifying my desire to attend Case! I'm surprised this thread is only 3 pages, would love to connect with other accepted students who are heavily leaning towards matriculating here.
  9. Hey! I was accepted from the 9/24 interview date. I have not recieved anything after the townhall interview, but did recently email a director regarding the opportunity to tour the campus this or next weekend! I can update what is said!
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