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  1. UPDATE: I was one of the people that hasn’t taken the PACAT and i submitted my application and clicked “no” for the question about taking it and i got an email today from UT saying that my application was verified and they’ll be reviewing it over the next few months!
  2. I just submitted my app since hearing they make the PACAT optional. On CASPA they still had questions that said if you clicked “no” to taking it your app wouldn’t move on. I clicked it so i’m hoping i’m not thrown out but if anyone gets any emails back about their questions pls post it! I wanted to apply so bad but didn’t take the PACAT so this really opened the door for me!
  3. I got an email yesterday saying my application was under review
  4. I applied 5/17 and haven’t heard back either:(
  5. Just got the verification email!! Applied 5/17!!
  6. Submitted May 17th!! Goodluck everyone!!
  7. Hi everyone! I thought we could start a thread for the 2021-2022 cycle!!
  8. Does anyone know the odds of getting off the waitlist and getting accepted?
  9. I haven’t heard anything yet! Based on some posts in previous pages, it took around 13 days in the past! Anxiously but excitedly awaiting that call!!
  10. They’re sooo nice!! Just be yourself and have good conversation! The interview is all about you and seeing if you think it’s a good fit for you!
  11. i still haven’t heard anything!! hope that since i haven’t received a rejection yet i can still hold onto hope of getting an interview...
  12. I'm thinking we will all get a mass rejection email after awhile....
  13. I am looking to apply here still, however my GRE is 299, should I wait and retake it or go ahead and apply?
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